Twitter Chat about HP blades, VMware, Virtual Connect & Storage




hashtag to chat with me on Twitter:

June 18, 2013 — Tuesday, 2-3 pm Eastern Standard Time (11 am – 12 pm Pacific Standard Time).

The chat will be about HP blades, VMware, Virtual Connect & HP Storage, to answer new and remaining questions for my session at HP Discover 2013 “TB2603 – Building VMware vSphere 5.1 with blades, Virtual Connect and EVA.”

How to Twitter Chat:

Go to or the Twitter mobile app and search using the universal search field on top for #HPtrick

Then, tweet a question and make sure to include the #HPtrick expression (hashtag) in the question.

I will be monitoring #HPtrick area for questions, and will respond with an answer, also including the #HPtrick hashtag.

You will be able to Refresh your browser page or mobile app, and will see the answer to your question.

See you there!

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