15 takeaways from the End-User Computing 2020 survey

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Download survey below.

  1. Surprised that the average memory/vCPUs for a single user virtual desktop is 12 GB and 3 vCPUs (more than my current sweet spot of 8GB, 2 vCPUs).
  2. #3 challenge in VDI is user experience with Unified communications (voice, webcam, VoIP, conferencing) — no surprise there.
  3. Dell and Nutanix are increasing server hardware market share, while HPE is decreasing and Cisco is all over the place.
  4. Centralized storage arrays are still winning vs. Hyperconverged storage.
  5. New storage entrants — Pure, VMware VSAN, and Nutanix are growing, while traditional storage vendors are declining, and Nutanix is beating with 14.92% of market share.
  6. Usage of GPUs (55%) surpassed non-GPU (CPU-only) environments.
  7. Most people do not use application layering solutions.
  8. Most people deliver desktops, not published applications.
  9. Most people manually install applications and updates into the master image.
  10. ControlUp is the leading VDI monitoring solution. Nexthink is not included in the list.
  11. Windows’ built-in Defender antivirus is the most popular one for virtual desktops.
  12. Majority of VDI is still on-premises, with control plane/broker delivered by the internal IT department. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is the most popular for flexible/temporary workers. However, DaaS is the most important End-User Computing IT’s initiative in 2021.
  13. Biggest challenge in Desktop as a Service in Public Cloud is cost.
  14. Hottest Desktop as a Service is Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD). However, VMware Cloud on Amazon AWS/Google Cloud Platform, or Itopia, another Google Cloud Platform-based DaaS provider, are not in the list.
  15. Ransomware is the biggest overall worry of EUC professionals.

Thank you to Christiaan Brinkhoff, Mark Plettenberg and Ruben Spruijt from the VDILIKEAPRO team for creating this wonderful resource.

Download survey here:

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